# give Extra get extra (1)
#1 Gummy Vitamin Brand (2)
#1 Gummy vitamin brand (1)
#1 dermatologist recommended skincare (5)
#1 dermatologist recommended suncare (1)
#1 dispensed NOAC in Canada (1)
#1 doctor recommended brand (2)
#1 rheumatologist-prescribed biologic (2)
#10hours (2)
#ARTofThermi (1)
#Ageless (2)
#BeHIVsure (1)
#BeTheEnd (1)
#ChangeofHeart (1)
#CreateSurvivors (1)
#CreonsDesSurvivants (1)
#EnviaDeRever (1)
#LucidLife (3)
#PlaySure (2)
#PlumpUpTheVolume (1)
#ProbioticMyths (1)
#ReadyForAction (2)
#ReasonsNotToSmoke (1)
#SleepWithThis (1)
#StartWithHealthy (3)
#TargetRun (1)
#TheARTofThermi (1)
#ThingsThatReallyMatter (1)
#WomenHearts (1)
#followyourgut (1)
#itsthatworthit (1)
#lagrippejedisnon (1)
"The road to my happy weight took a luscious turn through dark chocolate and sea salt caramel." These new Harvest Trail Bars let me have my favorite snack and still cut carbs and sugar. Without artificial preservatives (1)
...it's all about trust (1)
...your everyday sweet balance (1)
1 pill 12 hours strength 12 hours length (1)
1 pill 12 hours strength 12 hours length. (3)
15 years of just one touch protecting so much (1)
2 pills. All day strong. All day long. (3)
4th_World_Parkinson_Congress (1)
5 shades whiter teeth (1)
60 years of know-how at your fingertips. (2)
60 years strong (1)
A Good Day Starts at Night (1)
A Promise for Life (2)
A Quick Guide to Minerals from ETHICAL NUTRIENTS MAGNESIUM Public awareness of magnesium as 'the great relaxer" has grown in recent years with many people asking for magnesium by name when experiencing stress (1)
A Sweet Piece of Fun. (1)
A balance of efficacy tolerability and convenience (1)
A better life for livestock (2)
A better understanding (1)
A better way (1)
A better way. (1)
A british company supporting the NHS and the British economy (1)
A clear look at psoriasis (1)
A clear vision for life (1)
A commitment to life (1)
A confident approach (1)
A different degree of relief (1)
A face in need deserves Puffs indeed (1)
A first-line treatment for bacterial vaginosis (1)
A fresh start in OAB (4)
A good day starts at night (2)
A great idea finally gels (1)
A healthy dog means a happier you (1)
A healthy family (1)
A moment can change your whole life (1)
A new option to treat CIU (1)
A perfect match for healthy looking skin (1)
A powerful partnership (1)
A powerful weapon against lyme disease (1)
A promise for life (2)
A proper breakfast bottled. (1)
A proven choice (1)
A reassuring sense of control (1)
A right fit for today's sedation management practices (1)
A sign of passion (3)
A simple switch can make a real difference (1)
A sip in the right direction (5)
A solution for all your CMA needs (1)
A solution for every office (1)
A stressful day deserves a restful night (1)
A stressful day deserves a restful night. (1)
A symbol of excellence (1)
A taste of sweet excitement. (7)
A vision for healthier eyes (2)
Accelerated change (1)
Accelerating discoveries through innovations (1)
Access to healthcare (1)
Access. Acquisition. Adherence. (2)
Accuracy you can trust (1)
Accurate flexible and consistent (1)
Accurately. Confidently. Braun. (1)
Across all stages of axSpA (1)
Act differently (1)
Act on it (1)
Active for your health (1)
Activia's perfect fusion (1)
Add revenue. Improve patient care. (1)
Adding years to life adding life to years (1)
Advanced-technology compatible (1)
Advancing Eye Care. Preserving Sight. (1)
Advancing Science. Transforming Care. (1)
Advancing Therapeutics. Improving Lives. (1)
Advancing cataract surgery (1)
Advancing eye care. American innovation (1)
Advancing eye care. American innovation. (1)
Advancing generics (3)
Advancing healthcare (1)
Advancing resuscitation. Today. (1)
Advancing science for life (4)
Advancing survival (1)
Advancing the science of sleep (1)
Advancing the world of health (1)
Advancing therapeutics. Improving lives. (1)
Advil and go (9)
Advil makes pain a distant memory. (1)
Advil se as directed Aivil MAKES PAI DISTANT MEMORY. OPfizer 2016 (1)
Advise - agree - deliver (1)
Affordable innovation (2)
Age. It's just a number. (1)
Age? Who cares (2)
Agile. Insightful. Savvy. (3)
Airway clearance system (1)
Alendronate designed with adherence in mind (1)
Aleve PM for a better AM (1)
All day long. (3)
All day strong (2)
All day strong. (1)
All for healthcare (1)
All in one relief for your toughest cold & flu symptoms (1)
All mobile. All video. All day. (1)
All you need. All in one place. (1)
Allegra rápidas (1)
Allergic rhinitis relief (2)
Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free. (1)
Almond fresh. A natural fit. (1)
Almonds. Snacking good. (1)
Always Discreet for bladder leaks. (1)
Always Discreet. So bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. (1)
Always be you (2)
Always complete. For the most important parts of you. (1)
Always in beta (1)
Always in season (1)
Always know (3)
Always organic. Nothing unnecessary. Setting standards. (1)
Always ready. Always sterile. (1)
Always there for you (1)
Always there. (1)
America's #1 weight loss supplement brand (1)
Amgen. Leading the way in the study of Oncolytic Immunotherapy. (1)
Amour. Sexe. Durex. (1)
Amplify answers (1)
An even better me. (1)
Answers for life. (3)
Answers that matter (1)
Anti-aging skincare (1)
Anti-flu? Go antiviral. (2)
Antibiotic-free treatment for acne (1)
Anticoagulate with confidence (1)
Any other choice is simply generic (1)
Appetite for life (1)
Applied Clinical Education (1)
Applied nature (1)
Approved to manage the neuropathic pain of DPN (1)
Are you a high power surgeon? (1)
Army strong (1)
Arrhythmia Monitoring Solutions (1)
Arrhythmia monitoring solutions (1)
As different as you (1)
As nature intended. (2)
Asthma control with confidence (4)
At the corner of happy and healthy (34)
At the first sign of inflammatory rosacea (1)
At the heart of innovation (1)
At the heart of medical technology (3)
Attack Asthma (1)
Attack the flu virus at its source (1)
Attack with Treanda (1)
Au plus près de la douleur. Au plus proche du patient. (1)
Au plus près de moi. (1)
Automating Pharmacy (1)
Babies are our business ... our only business! (1)
Baby's first ailments. Baby's first solutions. (1)
Balanced acne therapy (1)
Band-Aid helps heal me (1)
Banish the burn (1)
Banking can be this comfortable. (2)
Be a well being (8)
Be celective (1)
Be clear on cancer (3)
Be in the no (1)
Be informed. Be immunized. (1)
Be kind to your skin. (1)
Be more (1)
Be prepared. Be informed. Be proactive. (1)
Be proactive against IBS-D (1)
Be ready (2)
Be the best (1)
Be up for it (2)
Be up for life (1)
Be well (1)
Beat yesterday (1)
Beat yesterday. (2)
Beautiful skin for a lifetime (2)
Beauty for a purpose (2)
Beauty is bone deep (2)
Beauty with brilliance (1)
Because comfort makes a difference (2)
Because doctors are different (1)
Because dry skin needs a soap substitute (1)
Because hair is for keeps (1)
Because life is for living (1)
Because skin is for life (2)
Because sleep is a beautiful thing (3)
Because sperm counts (1)
Because tomorrow matters today (1)
Because you're worth it. (2)
Because your gray matters (1)
Believe in better milk (1)
Believe the truth (1)
Belong anywhere (3)
Best behavior starts here. (1)
Better Health brighter Future (1)
Better clean. Better skin. (1)
Better health for a better world (3)
Better health through communication (2)
Better off healthy (1)
Better patient care. Better business. (3)
Better taste. Better nutrition. Better eggs. (1)
Better together (1)
Better vision by listening (1)
Binge. Distress. Repeat. (1)
BioLogical Confidence (3)
Biologically appropriate (1)
Biotherapies for life (4)
Blistex. For lips. For life. (2)
Blow away congestion fast (1)
Body of proof (4)
Body-friendly iron (2)
Brand nourishment (1)
Braun. Accurately. Confidently. Gently. (1)
Break through allergies. (1)
Breaking Ground in Hep C Treatment (1)
Breaking ground in Hep C Treatment (1)
Breathe Free (1)
Breathe with the science of the sea (2)
Brew the love (1)
Bring out the bold (5)
Bring out the health within (1)
Bring the caring home (1)
Bring your eyes back to life. (1)
Bringing healthcare closer (2)
Bringing pets and people closer (2)
Bringing science to the surface (1)
Brush like a pro (1)
Buffered Vitamin C (1)
Build confidence through trusted content (1)
Building South Africa's future. One CUP at a time. (1)
Building a healthy future for everyone. (1)
Building families naturally (1)
Building quality cancer care together (1)
Building the Retina Company (2)
Butrans once weekly (1)
C'est aussi ça être médecin spécialiste (1)
C'est aussi ça être médecin spécialiste. (1)
C'est clair. C'est Claritin. (1)
C'est la vie (1)
C'est ma gamme (1)
CHE (1)
CMA. Action that matters. (1)
CME (1)
CPD Compliance Made Easy (1)
CPD compliance made easy (1)
California Grown (1)
Calm your bladder (2)
Canada's #1 tissue (1)
Canada's Doctors. Innovating for Patients. (1)
Care at home (1)
Care for the brain. (1)
Care for your pets like they care for you (1)
Care makes a man stronger (1)
Care that never quits (8)
Caring about lives (1)
Caring for life (7)
Caring for mother and child during pregnancy (1)
Caring for you (1)
Caring from the inside out (1)
Cash flow optimized (1)
Cataract laser with augmented reality (1)
Cats can't resist (2)
Celebrating 15+ years of success! (1)
Centrum the world's most clinically studied multivitamin (1)
Cesar. Love them back. (1)
Challenge yourself. (1)
Change is in the air (1)
Change the conversation (5)
Change the refractory mCRC story (1)
Change their mindset to quitting (1)
Changing diabetes (5)
Changing lives with every breath (2)
Changing the DNA of cancer care (5)
Changing the face of acne (1)
Chaque jour agir pour la santé (4)
Choose Australia's #1 bone health brand (1)
Choose Tu Breathe Better. (1)
Choose to make a difference (1)
Cigarettes you've met your match. (1)
Claramente Claritin. (3)
Clean. Refreshing. Nothing is better. (1)
Cleaner Fresher Brighter Everyday (1)
Clear aligners no braces (1)
Clear. taste-free. Benefiber. (1)
Clearer skin is possible. (1)
Click to activate your within (1)
Clinical protection improved (1)
Clinically proven dry skin repair (1)
Clinically proven for healthy beautiful skin. (1)
Clinically proven natural medicines (10)
Close the gap (1)
Closing wounds. Together. (1)
Cloud-based EHR practice management and care coordination services (2)
Clovis Oncology is leading the fight (1)
Clovis oncology is leading the fight (1)
Coalition des médecins pour la justice sociale (1)
Colgate. Committed to a cavity-free future (1)
Collaborative surgical solutions (1)
Color. Clarity. Detail. (11)
Combination is key (1)
Comfort in the blink of an eye (2)
Comfortable overnight relief (1)
Committed to delivering the world safest most effective omega oils (1)
Committed to delivering the world's safest (1)
Committed to dermatology (1)
Committed to healthier life! (1)
Committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide (1)
Committed to quality (1)
Committed to the future of dermatology (1)
Complete joint health (1)
Complete prenatal in one tiny pearl (3)
Compliance Counts. Experience Matters. (1)
Comprehensive care. Uncompomising quality. (1)
Comprehensive testing. Unprecedented insight. (1)
Comptez sur Pristiq pour un soulagement puissant des symptômes (1)
Comptez sur U (1)
Conceive. Deliver. (1)
Concentré d'expertise. (1)
Confidence beyond compliance (1)
Confidence from hospital to home (2)
Confidence starts with a conversation (1)
Confidence. Control. Clarity. (1)
Connected solutions. Better outcomes. (1)
Connecting healthcare (1)
Connecting people pets and vets (1)
Connecting visions (3)
Consider JANUMET (1)
Consider the opportunity (1)
Considérez JANUMET (1)
Consigue lo que realmente quieres (1)
Continue the fight (1)
Continuous glucose monitoring (1)
Continuous_Health_Education (1)
Continuous_Medical_Education (1)
Control is possible (1)
Control with confidence. (1)
Control. Protect. Balance. (1)
Controlando hormônios preservando a vida. Controlling hormones preserving life. (1)
Contrôler. Protéger. Équilibrer. (1)
Could've had a V8 (1)
Count on Pristiq for powerful symptom relief (2)
Coverage with confidence (1)
Crack life open (2)
Crampeze your cramp solution (1)
Crave more (2)
Crazy healthy (3)
Create something original (4)
Creative food for brands (1)
Crunch on (1)
Custom. Vision. Care. (1)
Cuts the symptoms treats the cause (1)
Céder à l'envie (2)
Dairy for life (2)
De beaux résultats naturels (3)
Dedicated to healthier (2)
Defining the Future of Endoscopic Surgery (1)
Defy convention (4)
Defy gravity (2)
Degenerative_Disease (1)
Deja de sufrir alergias (1)
Deja que tus hijos vivan Claramente Claritin. (1)
Deliberately different. (1)
Delight up your lips (1)
Delivering trusted generics (1)
Demonstrated efficacy in a topical. (1)
Dependable diabetic treatment (2)
Dermatological expertise... naturally (1)
Dermatologist Recommended (1)
Design for ears (4)
Designed around you (1)
Designed for growth (5)
Designed for people who happen to be patients (2)
Designed to save sight (1)
Destination you (19)
Developed by vets. Inspired by nature. (5)
Devenez pro avec Crest Pro-Santé (1)
Devenir generique ça se merite (2)
Digital solutions (1)
Direct. Effective. (1)
Discover Bliss. Discover Blistex. (2)
Discover better (1)
Discover harmony (1)
Discover the inflammation beneath (1)
Discover what your bran can do. (1)
Discover. Care. Believe. (1)
Distinctive banking (2)
Do more to reduce risk of HF hospitalization (2)
Do more with your day (1)
Do something amazing (8)
Do something incredible (8)
Does COPD weigh you down? (1)
Don't flush your vacation down the toilet. (1)
Don't just go with the flow. Go with Pradaxa (1)
Don't let RA stop you. (1)
Don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness (1)
Don't mask the problem (1)
Don't miss a day of brilinta. (1)
Don't miss another word! (1)
Don't pit out when you stress out. (1)
Don't wait to feel great (1)
Dosing that adapts. (1)
Double whammy (2)
Drink amazing (1)
Driven by definition (1)
Driven by science. Focused on life. (1)
Driven to discover the cure (3)
Driving innovation. Delivering audiences. (1)
Drop your pants for underwareness (1)
Dulcolax for relief you can count on (1)
Durable count control (1)
Early strength lasting benefit. (2)
Ease the burden (1)
Easy maneuverability. Easy control. (1)
Eat to succeed (1)
Education empowers (1)
Effective Affordable Healthcare (1)
Effective affordable healthcare (5)
Effective pain relief with built-in gastroprotection (2)
Effective when it matters most (1)
Effective. Corrective. Simply the best. (1)
Effective. Enduring. Empowering. (1)
Efficace au-delà de l'humeur (1)
Efficacité Technologie Précision (1)
Efficacy lights the way (1)
Efficacy made simple (2)
Efficacy. Evidence. Experience. (1)
Efficient healthcare solutions (2)
Elite science. Professional results. (1)
Email on a whole other level (1)
Embrace nutrition. Embrace life. (2)
Embrace your taste (1)
Empowered by hope (1)
Empowering health (4)
Empowering surgeons. Delivering confidence. (1)
Empty bottle guarantee (1)
En ligne avec vos patients (1)
En publicité la vérité compte. (1)
Enabling Australian Healthcare (1)
Energy to healthcare (1)
Enfin ensemble! (1)
Engineered to perform (1)
Enhancing Cancer Care with technology (1)
Enhancing life through birth (1)
Enhancing outcomes for patients and their caregivers. (1)
Enhancing women care (1)
Enjoy de relief (1)
Enrich Life (1)
Ensemble dans une bruine (2)
Ensoleille par nature (2)
Entre professionnels de santé c'est plus rassurant. (3)
Essential protection for essential bonds (1)
Essential to care (6)
Et c'est reparti! (2)
Et la toux ne bronche plus. (1)
Every age. Every stage. Every day. (1)
Every home every cat there a Tidy Cat for that. (1)
Every life deserves world class care. (1)
Every little helps (1)
Every reason to cure (1)
Every victory counts (3)
Every woman's edge (1)
Everyday lip therapy (1)
Evolution of smooth (5)
Excellence in focus (1)
Excellence in science (2)
Excellence through experience (1)
Exigeants de nature (1)
Expanding personalized medicine (1)
Expanding the possibilities (1)
Expect More. (1)
Expect more. (1)
Expect the extraordinary (1)
Experience that counts (1)
Experience the Meta effect (1)
Experience the difference (2)
Experience the power (1)
Experience you can trust. (1)
Experienced anticoagulation (1)
Experiences beyond measure (1)
Expert care for little teeth and gums (1)
Expert in early life nutrition (1)
Expertise you can trust (1)
Explore the possibilities. (1)
Explorez les possibilités. (1)
Extrafine combination therapy (1)
Extraordinary delivery (1)
EyeCare together (1)
FDA-cleared. Non-invasive. No downtime. (1)
Face the flare (2)
Factoring in your world (1)
Fairytale endings (6)
Fais ce qui te plaît (1)
Faites belle figure (1)
Faites la différence (1)
Fast - Effective - Liberating (1)
Fast and lasting therapy for psoriasis (1)
Fast fast relief. (1)
Fast. Painless. Proven. (1)
Faster (1)
Faster than heartburn (1)
Fear no mirror. (2)
Fearless. Focused. Fun. (1)
Fearlessness. Apply Daily. (2)
Febreeze allergen reducer (1)
Feed the difference (1)
Feed them like family. (1)
Feel Better (1)
Feel better (1)
Feel better naturally (1)
Feel connected to something bigger (2)
Feel good (2)
Feel like new. (1)
Feel something better (1)
Feel the cure in Curél (1)
Feel the difference (4)
Feel the difference Floradix makes. (1)
Feel the heal (1)
Feel the power of Copper Fit (1)
Feel well be well (1)
Feel younger. Live longer. (1)
Feeling better already (2)
Feeling good starts from the inside (2)
Fess for a healthy nose (1)
Fight AIDS. Love life. (1)
Fight acne. (1)
Fight cold sores before they start (1)
Fight heartburn fast (2)
Fighting blood cancers (1)
Fighting cancer together (1)
Filling a need for prescription assistance (1)
Find a clearer path forward (1)
Finding a cure. It's only a matter of time (1)
Finis les soucis. (1)
First in a new class of treatment (1)
First in class (1)
First-line choice for relief of pain and fever (4)
Fit skin for life (1)
Flexibility with 4 doses (1)
Fly nice (1)
Focus ahead for better health. (1)
Focused on depression (1)
Focused on you (4)
Food made from food (1)
Food. Fit. Feel good. (1)
For What matters most (1)
For a better AM (1)
For a body in motion (1)
For a cleaner fresher brighter denture every day (2)
For a fresh (1)
For a healing night's sleep (1)
For a healthier mouth (1)
For a life with pets (1)
For a lifetime of adventures (1)
For all of L.A. (1)
For every little wonder (2)
For everything that matters (1)
For happy bodies (2)
For healthier-looking nails! (1)
For mild to moderate ulcerative colitis (1)
For night and day (1)
For patients. For budgets. For today. (1)
For people who suffer from dry mouth (1)
For practice managers by practice managers (1)
For relief from ulcers and acid reflux (1)
For softer smoother skin. (1)
For softer smoother underarms (1)
For stiff painful joints and muscles (1)
For the dog about town (1)
For the evolution of your mind (1)
For the maintenance treatment of COPD (1)
For the most important parts of you (1)
For the natural advantage (1)
For the perfectly imperfect (2)
For the person in every patient (1)
For the treatment of DVT and PE (1)
For those prone to laminitis (1)
For what matters (1)
For what matters most (16)
For when the moment arrives (2)
Force nature (1)
Forerunner. For runners. (5)
Forever faster (1)
Forget me not (7)
Forward thinking (2)
Foundation for longer life (1)
Founded on care (1)
France is in the air (2)
Free you pores! (1)
Free your pores (2)
Free your pores! (1)
Free your skin. (1)
Freedom Flexibility Function. (1)
Freedom like never before (2)
Freeze your fat away! (2)
From nature to life (1)
Fuel extraordinary (1)
Further together (1)
Further. Together (8)
Further. Together. (1)
Future. Forward. (1)
GI-health is our passion (1)
Game Centrum on now! (1)
Gaviscon and it gone. (1)
Gaviscon puis c'est fini (1)
Gems (1)
Generation Xarelto (1)
Genetic potential through nutrition (2)
Gentle care for life (1)
Gentle on skin but harsh on skin pathogens (1)
Germ-zapping robots (1)
Get Skintimate with your legs. (1)
Get a deeper look (1)
Get a grip on arthritis (1)
Get better care. AskMD (1)
Get fast cooling relief. (1)
Get in care. Stay in care. Live well. (1)
Get more out of life with Alive! (2)
Get more. Get greedy. Get Airborne. (1)
Get mucus up! Get Bisolvon (1)
Get schooled in anaphylaxis (1)
Get slim. Start today! (1)
Get tested (1)
Get the dose right (1)
Get the love you love (1)
Get this one done. (4)
Get what you really want (1)
Get ye to the world wide web (1)
Get your voice back. (2)
Gets used. Gets results. (1)
Getting it done. Right. (2)
Give Extra get extra (1)
Give a little get a lot. (1)
Global life science supply chain solutions (1)
Go Cottonelle Go Commando (1)
Go beyond biopsy with blood (2)
Go beyond today (1)
Go for the gold (2)
Go long (2)
Go on... Live life in full colour! (1)
Go practice (3)
Go with confidence (1)
Go with your own glow (3)
God's love we deliver (1)
Going beyond your expectations (1)
Good business. Best practice. (1)
Good choice kid. (1)
Good for life (1)
Good for your bones great for your family (1)
Good for your bones great for your family. (1)
Good health can change the world (1)
Good health can't wait. (1)
Good health is Vital. (1)
Good nights... and good days (4)
Good nights...and good days (1)
Green wound healing (1)
Growing Up Gerber (1)
Growing up Gerber (1)
HCV treatment transformed (3)
HPV vaccine is cancer prevention (1)
Hail to the V (1)
Happy. Period. (1)
Hardworking skincare (1)
Has the answer. (1)
Health . Hygiene . Home (1)
Health Retail Software. (1)
Health and sex belong together (1)
Health experience (1)
Health insights (1)
Health is a treasure we share (1)
Health is everything (6)
Health our commitment for life. (1)
Health with heart (1)
Health you can see (1)
Healthcare for life (4)
Healthcare marketing solutions (1)
Healthcare within reach (2)
Healthcare. We Care. (2)
Healthcare. We care. (9)
Healthier by design (1)
Healthier skin. Healthier you. (1)
Healthy (1)
Healthy aging specialists (3)
Healthy baby. Healthy mum. (1)
Healthy beautiful smiles for life (1)
Healthy beautiful smiles for life. (2)
Healthy collaboration for healthier patients. (1)
Healthy pores healthy skin (1)
Healthy white smile that lasts (1)
Healthy-looking beautiful smiles for life. (1)
Hear now. And always (1)
Hear now. And always. (1)
Hearing wellness for the whole family (1)
Heart_Disease Heart_Failure (1)
Hello humankindness (1)
Help and Hope (1)
Help guard the way (1)
Help make tomorrow possible (1)
Help make tomorrow possible. (1)
Help patients move forward with less fibromyalgia pain (2)
Help prevent shingles disrupting peoples' lives (1)
Help prevent shingles disrupting people’s lives (2)
Help with the hard part (3)
Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! (1)
Helping all people live healthy lives (5)
Helping people with COPD breathe air better. (1)
Helping practices thrive through change. (1)
Helping you care for your community (1)
Helping you focus on patients (1)
Her2 suppression. Cytotoxic strength. (1)
Herbal health and beauty. (1)
Here for you and your patients (1)
High potency probiotics (2)
Home therapy devices (1)
How America finds a doctor (1)
How America finds a doctor. (1)
Humira at work (1)
Hydrates. Lubricates. Protects. (1)
Hydrocodone reengineered (2)
I am more than a pet. I am an IAMS pet. (1)
I and love and you. (1)
I make Dog Chow (1)
I trust my eyes to Clear Eyes (1)
I will what I want (1)
I'm Tresiba ready (1)
I'm a believer (4)
IBgard calms the angry gut (1)
Ideas from the laboratory of life (1)
Ideas that can't be contained (1)
Ideas that resonate (1)
Ideas that work for life (2)
Il ne vous laissera pas tomber (1)
Imagine loving your numbers (5)
Imagine what you could make possible (2)
Imagine what you could make possible. (1)
Imagine what's possible (1)
Imagine where we can go. (1)
Imaging system (1)
Important news. Important readers. (1)
Improved quality of life (1)
Improving health care quality through accredication (1)
Improving lives. Curing type 1 diabetes. (1)
In harmony with a woman's body (2)
Inciteful healthcare marketing (1)
Indescribably Special (1)
Infinitely in (1)
Information for better health (1)
Infused with power (1)
InnO2vative Solutions (1)
Innovating for Wellbeing (1)
Innovating for life (2)
Innovating for life. (1)
Innovation + You (1)
Innovation dans les soins contre la douleur (1)
Innovation focused on pain relief (1)
Innovation for healthy vision (2)
Innovation for your health (2)
Innovation in pain care (1)
Innovation of patient care (1)
Innovation you (10)
Innovative imaging (1)
Innovative labels. Smart solutions. (1)
Innovator in galenics (1)
Inspire the Next (1)
Inspire the next (1)
Inspired by intuitive design (2)
Inspired by patients. Driven by science. (1)
Inspiring leaders. Powering innovation. (1)
Integrate physician solutions (1)
Intelligence applied. (3)
Intelligence meets the eye (1)
Intelligent therapy. Optimized care. (1)
Intelligent voice guidance (1)
Intuitive by design (2)
Intuitive design (1)
It Tru Keytruda (1)
It all about you. (2)
It comes from below (1)
It does more for a cold sore (1)
It never just a cough. (1)
It not an antibiotic. It not a vaccine. It Zelnate. (1)
It shows (2)
It starts now (1)
It starts with 'MU' (1)
It starts with 'Mu' (2)
It starts with you (1)
It takes AmerisourceBergen (6)
It tastes awful. And it works. (5)
It won't let you down (3)
It works or it's free (1)
It's Tru Keytruda (1)
It's a small step for a big difference (1)
It's about time (1)
It's all about the delivery! (1)
It's fast simple and effective. (1)
It's fun to be good (2)
It's never just a cough. (3)
It's not a soap. It's a beauty bar. (1)
It's on (1)
It's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain (6)
It's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. (1)
It's the way we think (1)
It's time for a new day (1)
It's time for an Epi-Do-Over (1)
It's time for some eyelove (2)
It's time to listen (2)
It's time to listen. (1)
Itch free. Worry free. (1)
It’s about getting it right (3)
Je vis avec le diabète mais ce n'est pas ce qui me définit (1)
Jergens. La Bella Diferencia. (1)
Johnson's so much more. (2)
Join the movement (1)
Join us. Stay you. (3)
Joint Rejuvenation (3)
Just as nature intended (1)
Just be. (1)
Just click and go (1)
Just click on the link (1)
Just walk (1)
Kashi eat positive (1)
Keep climbing (1)
Keep life flowing (1)
Keep love strong (2)
Keep moving (1)
Keep those bones strong! (1)
Keep your pets mobile (1)
Keeping Australia healthy (1)
Know for sure. Get tested. (1)
Know where you stand (1)
Knowing now matters. (2)
L'antalgique des pro actifs (1)
L'avenir en perspective (2)
L'exigence dermatologique. (1)
La Roche-Posay. Committed to dermatology. (1)
La beauté des profondeurs (1)
La ciencia de tu piel (1)
La douleur ne décide pas (1)
La flexibilité à votre portée. (1)
La force d'être ici! (4)
La peau réconfortée (1)
La plus grande marque d'affection (1)
La science d'une peau plus belle (2)
La solution naturelle pour vos patientes (1)
La vie est belle avec un sourir éclatant (1)
La vie est belle quand on lui sourit (5)
Le doux parfum du succès (1)
Le fromage bien plus que du plaisir (1)
Le médicament générique par excellence (2)
Le plaisir de bouger (3)
Le pouvoir d'aider vos patients asthmatiques (1)
Le pouvoir de changer les règles (1)
Le pouvoir réparateur de Vaseline (1)
Le site de la relation médecin-patient (1)
Le sourire de vos rêves est à votre portée (1)
Leader in generic medicines (5)
Leaders in health and wellbeing (1)
Leadership - Advancement - Community (1)
Leadership. Knowledge. Community. (3)
Leading Medicine (2)
Leading innovation (4)
Leading the way (2)
Leading the way in immuno-oncology (1)
Leading the way. (1)
Legendairy (2)
Lens Crafters loves eyes (1)
LensCrafters loves eyes (4)
Les experts en prothèse dentaires (1)
Les troubles anxieux sont bien réels. Les solutions aussi. (1)
Less downtime and more training time (1)
Less intense taste zero alcohol (1)
Let nothing stop them. (1)
Let the good life return. (1)
Let's be clear we know your acne we just don't know you. (10)
Let's be clear. Clearasil works fast. (1)
Let's bring HIV out of the closet (2)
Let's change that together (1)
Let's cut out AIDS (1)
Let's dig in (1)
Let's end this (4)
Let's end this. (6)
Let's feel good (1)
Let's get moving (1)
Let's go to work (1)
Let's shake something up. (1)
Let's work (2)
Let's you know sooner (1)
Lets kids be kids (1)
Leur bien être notre passion. (1)
Leur bien-être. Notre passion. (1)
Leur bien-être. Notre passion. (3)
Liberez la respiration Liberez les potentiels (2)
Libertad de movimiento (2)
Licensed medicine for vitamin D deficiency (1)
Life changing (1)
Life changing medicine (7)
Life gets better when the right things come together (1)
Life happens. Be prepared! (4)
Life happens. Be prepared. (1)
Life is on (1)
Life is why (1)
Life needs answers (1)
Life opens up when you do (1)
Life opens up when you relieve sensitivity (1)
Life opens up with a healthier mouth (6)
Life opens up with a healthy mouth (5)
Life opens up with a whiter smile (6)
Life reconnecting (1)
Life sounds brilliant (1)
Life sounds brilliant. (1)
Life well lit (1)
Life's too short to be on a diet (1)
Lifelong whole body health starts with One (1)
Like clockwork (1)
Listen to your legs (1)
Listen to your mouth (1)
Listening powers prevention (1)
Live Claritin clear (5)
Live Claritin clear today. (1)
Live Claritin clear. Every day. (3)
Live Fearless (2)
Live Learn and get Luvs (1)
Live brightly (3)
Live brightly. (1)
Live digestively (1)
Live digestively. (1)
Live head first (6)
Live life in the clear (3)
Live life off leash. (1)
Live limitless (1)
Live more (2)
Live real. Eat real. Feed amazing. (1)
Live the regular life. (1)
Live the way you run. Run happy. (1)
Live well (10)
Live whole. Not part. (2)
Live your best for less. (1)
Lo que nos hace fuertes (2)
Look North (1)
Look after yourself better. (1)
Look deeper (1)
Love every step (4)
Love is in the details (1)
Love life everyday! (1)
Love sleep and play (5)
Love them like family. Feed them like family. (11)
Love what inside (3)
Love what's inside (5)
Love work play allergy free. (3)
Love your beautiful skin (2)
Love your entire gut with Entiro (1)
Lysol that. (3)
L’alchimie botanique du futur (1)
Made for the dogs we love (1)
Maintain Control (1)
Make a connection. Make a difference. (2)
Make every day a dog happy day (1)
Make every week a TANZEUM week (3)
Make it part of your ACS Treatment Plan (1)
Make it part of your ACS treatment plan (1)
Make it your first choice for first line (1)
Make more of your own tears (1)
Make more of your own tears. (2)
Make way for possibilities (1)
Makes it better (1)
Makes pain a distant memory. (4)
Making Canada Better (1)
Making Cancer History (8)
Making access easier (1)
Making care possible... today. (6)
Making care possible...today. (1)
Making lives better (1)
Making medicine meaningful (1)
Making surgery safer (2)
Making the best place to get better even better. (1)
Making the human connection (2)
Making the most of medicines (1)
MammaPrint + BluePrint: Better together. (1)
Mangez parlez et souriez avec confiance. (1)
Market access solutions (2)
Massé relaxé. (1)
Maximize your chances of getting pregnant (1)
Maîtriser l'asthme an tout confiance (1)
Maîtriser l'asthme en toute confiance (1)
Mean stinks (1)
Medical education for the real world (1)
Medical skin science that shows (8)
Medications And More During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Ask The Experts (1)
Medicine made for kids (1)
Medicine on a mission (1)
Mieux voir pour mieux vivre. (1)
Milk every moment (1)
Missing something? (1)
Moms don't brave winter without it! (1)
Moms in training (1)
Moms who know know Mylicon (1)
Mon partenaire minceur (1)
More cultures. Once capsule. Once a day. (1)
More is beautiful (1)
More power to your gut (1)
More power to your gut. (1)
More than defence (1)
More than medicine (2)
Move forward with less fibromyalgia pain (12)
Moving ahead in OA (1)
Moving beyond the sound barrier (1)
Mucinex in... Mucus out. (1)
Mucolytique direct. (1)
Muddle no more (9)
Multiplex panel testing. Just 1 test. (1)
My Crest + Scope routine (1)
Mylan Seeing is believing (1)
Más rápido que Aspexia imposible (2)
Nationwide is on your side (1)
Natural beauty enhanced (1)
Natural bronchial syrup. That works. (1)
Natural ingredients perfectly balanced (1)
Natural inspirations (1)
Natural pet food developed by a veterinary surgeon (1)
Natural skincare solutions that work (2)
Naturally Beautiful Results (1)
Naturally beautiful babies (4)
Naturally beautiful results (15)
Naturally gentle (1)
Naturalmente bella (6)
Nature. Science. You. (1)
Ne laissez pas le zona perturber leur vie (2)
NeisVac conçu pour être plus fort que la méningite C (2)
Network-enabled population health EHR revenue cycle and care coordination services (1)
Neurological (1)
Neurology (1)
Never miss a moment (2)
Never run out of contacts (2)
Never settle (1)
New World. Real solutions. (1)
New culture of nourishment (1)
New dosing. Proven efficacy. (1)
New model. New methods. New results. (1)
New technology. New hope. (1)
News. Knowledge. Results. (1)
Nexium Level Protection (2)
Nexium level protection (1)
Next generation basal insulin (1)
Next step (1)
No bite is right (1)
No junk promise (1)
No junk promise. Always organic. Nothing unnecessary. (1)
No shoes. No problem (1)
No shoes. No problem. (1)
Non-surgical vulvovaginal rejuvenation (1)
Not for profit. All for doctors. (2)
Not just a better clean better skin. (1)
Not just fast. Allegra fast. (5)
Not just food. Nutrition for life. (1)
Nothing's faster. Nothing's stronger. (2)
Nourishing milestones at every stage. (2)
Novel biomarkers for early detection (1)
Now I am giving back (2)
Now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. (2)
Now that's positive energy (1)
Now that's worth putting up in lights... (2)
Now you can (3)
Nutrition at work (1)
Nutrition to live by (1)
Nutrition without compromise (1)
Nutritional intelligence (1)
OPSM loves eyes (1)
Office based pattern electroretinography testing (1)
Oh what a relief it is (2)
Oh what a relief it is! (2)
On entraîne des résultats (1)
Once per cycle of chemotherapy (1)
One call. Custom solutions. Results. (1)
One dose. Done. (1)
One dose. Five days. (1)
One focus. One vision. (1)
One guide. Infinite possibilities. (1)
One less (1)
One pill each morning. 24 hours. Zero heartburn. (2)
One pill. All day. All night. (1)
One pill. Once daily. (5)
One pill. Twice daily. (7)
One powerful little package (2)
One procedure. Lasting results. (1)
One solution. Unlimited possibilities. (1)
One source many possibilities (1)
One step ahead (1)
One tasty chew (1)
One tracker. Every occasion. (4)
Opening minds to better health decisions (1)
Opioid-induced constipation is u-nique (1)
Optimal glycemic control (1)
Our focus is medical (1)
Our own story (1)
Our passion is your health! (2)
Our roots go deep (1)
Our specialty is connecting yours. (1)
Outcomes beyond symptoms (1)
Own it (1)
PAHpowerofthree.com (2)
PD (1)
Pain doesn't decide (1)
Pain management you can depend on (2)
Pain management you can depend on. (1)
Pain relief like no other (1)
Panado (1)
Panado the GP's choice (1)
Par amour de la peau (2)
Parkinsons (1)
Parkinsons_Disease (1)
Pas de secret même pour la toux des héros (1)
Passionate about pets (1)
Patient focus Africa (1)
Patient information you can trust (1)
Patient support. Our priority. (1)
Patient-focused pain control (1)
Peace of mind promise (1)
Penser autrement (2)
Penser autrement agir différemment (1)
People and ideas for innovation in healthcare (2)
People first (1)
People inspired (1)
People. Focused. (1)
People. Passion. Possibilities. (1)
People. Technology. Data. Action. (4)
Perfect formula. Extraordinary results. (3)
Performance driven by science (9)
Performance redefined. (1)
Performance that matters. (2)
Performance éprouvée dans le traitement de la rhinite allergique (2)
Performs under pressure (1)
Personal + Digital (1)
Personal lubricant (1)
Pharmacy marketing for the digital age. (1)
Piecing together external reality! (1)
Pioneering aerosol drug delivery (1)
Pisar para creer (2)
Play on (4)
Poder en tu boca (1)
Pour calmer les toux d'irritation. (1)
Pour ce qui compte le plus (1)
Pour reprendre le contrôle (1)
Pour une réduction plus efficace (1)
Power over periods (2)
Power to fight RA JIA AS & PsA (1)
Power to help your asthma patients (1)
Power to live life their way (1)
Power to the people 65+ (1)
Power to your mouth (6)
Powered by oats (1)
Powered by plants (1)
Powered for bone strength (1)
Powerful AR relief. Excellent tolerability profile. (1)
Powerful relief. In the blink of an eye. (1)
Powerful weight loss designed for men (1)
Powerfully good (1)
Practical efficacy (2)
Practical once-daily dosing. (2)
Practically magic (1)
Precise. Proven. Practical. (1)
Precision and protection. Delivered. (1)
Precision • Power • Promise (1)
Prepare for the unexpected (1)
Prescribe. Protect. Repeat. (4)
Prevent Protect Profit (1)
Prevention - Research - Cure (2)
Prevention made simple (2)
Proceed with confidence (1)
Professional natural medicines (4)
Progress in mind (1)
Progressive_Disease (1)
Prostacyclin made practical (1)
Protect pets protect their families. (1)
Protecting nature. Preserving life. (1)
Protection et innovation sociales (1)
Protection that suits you incredibly well. (1)
Protective Pet Care (1)
Proud sponsor of mind and body (3)
Proven caries protection (1)
Proven healthy weight loss (1)
Proven healthy weight loss. (2)
Proven to lower cholesterol (1)
Proven to protect (1)
Proven. Natural. Nutrition. (1)
Proven. Trusted. (1)
Proven. Trusted. Canadian. (1)
Puissance anti-inflammatoire locale (1)
Pure animal wellbeing (1)
Pure cat appeal (1)
Pushing prevention forward. (1)
Put back the sparkle with Safyr Bleu (1)
Put back the testosterone (1)
Put relief in motion (3)
Put the power of a network behind you (1)
Put your lips first (9)
QV every day. Where beautiful skin begins. (3)
Quality (1)
Quality - Consistency - Excellence (1)
Quality Service Integrity (1)
Quality affordable healthcare products (2)
Quality horse feeds (1)
Quality innovation and choice (1)
Quand l'efficacité compte pour vous choisissez JANUMET (1)
Quiet sound amplifier (1)
Rapid reliable 'on' for parkinson's disease (1)
Ready for action (2)
Ready steady done (1)
Ready to fight (2)
Ready. Aim. Measure. (1)
Ready. Learn. Grow. (1)
Real data real time (1)
Real insights / Real fast (1)
Real life. Real power. (1)
Real life. Real relief. (1)
Real patient data 24/7 (1)
Real possibilities (1)
Real possibilities. (1)
Real recipes. Real ingredients. Real good. (3)
Real solutions for real allergies (1)
Real. Wild. Raw. Pure. (1)
Realize the potential (1)
Recommend the one that provides more coverage. (1)
Recommended by vets loved by dogs. (1)
Reconnue. Fiable. Canadienne. (1)
Recovering hearts. Saving lives. (2)
Redefining antiplatelet performance (1)
Rediscover hearing (2)
Rediscover your go (1)
Reescribe las reglas (1)
Refreshingly minty multivitamin (1)
Reinvent your skin (1)
Reliable predictable relief from constipation (1)
Reliable. Relief. (1)
Relief and remission within reach (3)
Relief doesn't get any better than this. (3)
Relief from dry itchy skin (1)
Relief starts now (1)
Relief that lasts (2)
Relief uninterrupted (1)
Relieve resolve resume (1)
Relieve the nerves. Stop the pain. (4)
Relieves children's pain and fever (4)
Relieves cough (1)
Relieving high blood pressure improving survival (1)
Rely on us (1)
Remission is possible (3)
Remission possible. (1)
Repara paso a paso. (1)
Replenish natural calcium for stronger (1)
Replenish natural calcium for stronger enamel. (1)
Research - Treatment - Cures (1)
Researched. Recommend. Results. (1)
Responds to contours (1)
Response that matters (2)
Restore the rhythm constipation takes away (1)
Restore your feeling of harmony (1)
Results naturally (1)
Rethink Multiple Myeloma (1)
Rethink fibroid treatment (1)
Reveal the goddess in you. (1)
Revive. Rebound. Renew. (1)
Revolucionando el tratamiento de la hepatitis C (1)
Revolutionize life (1)
Revolutionizing medical instrumentation (1)
Rewrite the rules (4)
Rewrite the rules Always (1)
Right Guard for the win (1)
Right medicine right patient right time. (1)
Right now relief (1)
Rigorous research. Reliable results. (1)
Rise & thrive (1)
Roll out of bed and ready in five (1)
Rx for glamour (1)
Récupère. Recommence. (2)
Réinventer les règles (1)
Réparer le présent préparer l'avenir (1)
Safe. Trusted. Estroven. (1)
Safety Efficacy Ease-of-use (1)
Same headache everywhere. (3)
Sample and Assay technologies (1)
Sample to insight (2)
Samsung - A way of life. (1)
Save money. Live better. (1)
Savings. Shipping. Support. (1)
Say hello to Australia’s first clean barrier technology (1)
School is in. Pain is out. (1)
Science and nature in balance (1)
Science for a better life (3)
Science of healthy living (8)
Science of the senses (1)
Science to medicine (1)
Science. Applied to life. (1)
Scientifically minded - Medically driven (1)
See better. Live better. (14)
See comfortably. (1)
See how it feels (1)
See hydrocodone differently (1)
See more do more (2)
See more. (1)
See more. Do more. (1)
See the cure in Curél (1)
See the real me (1)
See the risk defuse the danger. (1)
See what could be (1)
See what they say (2)
See what's possible (1)
See what's possible. (1)
See you at breakfast (2)
See your RA in a different way (1)
Seeing is believing (9)
Seeing is believing. (25)
Seeing is the beginning (1)
Seek Find Verify (3)
Selective internal radiation for unresectable mCRC (1)
Serious about allergies (1)
Serious health (1)
Serious oral care made simple (3)
Serious power (1)
Serious relief for serious cold sores (1)
Seriously friendly oral care (1)
Settles Upset stomach (2)
Seules les toux gênantes nécessitent un traitement. (1)
Shaping the future of animal health (5)
Shaping the future of surgery (1)
Share Kleenex care (1)
Share Nature. Share Life. (2)
Share the airway (1)
Sharing Expertise (6)
She’s worth it (1)
Shortening the distance from lab to life (1)
Shortening the distance from lab to life. (1)
Show more of you (2)
Shut your mouth and say goodnight (1)
Shut your mouth and sleep right (4)
Si les preuves comptent pour vous optez pour JANUMET (1)
Siente el sabor (1)
Signature eye care (2)
Signe de passion (5)
Signed by Pfizer (3)
Signé par Pfizer (2)
Silence is relief (1)
Silk helps you bloom (2)
Simple effective treatment for vertigo. (1)
Simple protection for more patients (3)
Simple proven predictable anticoagulation (1)
Simplement évident (1)
Simplicity in practice (1)
Simplify (1)
Simplify your search simplify your life (1)
Simply better practice (1)
Simply breathe (1)
Simply see more. (2)
Simply superior stroke prevention (1)
Skin Science That Shows. (1)
Skin care for problematic skin (2)
Skin deep (1)
Skin science that shows (8)
Skin science. That shows. (1)
Skin to live in (1)
Skin-changing science (1)
Skinfix. it's what we do (1)
Sleep is a beautiful thing (2)
Sleep is a beautiful thing. (2)
Sleep is the cradle of growth (1)
Sleep restfully. Wake energized. (1)
Sleep well. Live Well. (1)
Sleep well. Live well. (1)
Small change. Big difference. (1)
Small wounds big stories (3)
Smart medicine. Right now. (1)
Smarter solutions for smarter healthcare. (1)
Smartly designed with clean in mind. (1)
Smartly designed. With clean in mind. (1)
Smile it's Dentastix time (1)
Smile it's simple (1)
Smooth that lasts (1)
So much more (2)
So simple. So smart. (1)
So you can be you again (1)
Soak it up. (1)
Solide liquide. (3)
Solution de marque. (1)
Solution for intravenous infusion (1)
Solutions for enhancing quality of life (1)
Solutions for eyes (1)
Solutions for life sciences (1)
Solutions for metastatic cancer (1)
Solutions made real (4)
Solutions with you in mind (2)
Someday is today (1)
Someone needs one (1)
Sonic cleansing engineered for men’s skin (1)
Sonrisas sanas y hermosas para toda la vida. (2)
Soothe. Restore. Prevent. (1)
Soulagement prévisible et fiable and Pour plus de confort (1)
Soulagement spécifique des crampes abdominales. (1)
Soyez "Celectif" (1)
Soyez bien informé. Soyez immunisé. (1)
Spa experience. Dermatological care (1)
Specialist-led unified communications (1)
Specialty Endoscopic Products (1)
Specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain (4)
Spleen. Symptoms. Overall survival. (1)
Spot-on (1)
Spread calm (3)
Stability in motion (1)
Start ahead (1)
Start healthing. (1)
Start healthy. Stay healthy. (2)
Start here (2)
Start making days better in 14 nights (1)
Start silking (1)
Start your fit test today (1)
Starts to work in seconds and lasts all day (1)
Stay cool (2)
Stay cool with Gold Bond (1)
Stay healthy (1)
Stay regular (1)
Stay strong (2)
Stay you (1)
Stay you. (2)
Step up to Giant (1)
Stick with Chlorsig (1)
Stop fungus. (1)
Stop the virus. (1)
Streamline your exams (1)
Strength in patient care (1)
Strengthen de bonds. (1)
Strengthen the bonds. (1)
Stress tested for women (3)
Striving to lead the way (1)
Stroke: Our Only Focus. Our Ongoing Promise. (2)
Stroke: Our only focus. Our ongoing promise. (2)
Strong on pain. Long on relief. (2)
Strong relief with a soft touch (1)
Stronger for longer pain relief (1)
Stronger longer acid control (1)
Stronger than migraine (1)
Stronger together (1)
Style starts with a designer smile (1)
Sun protection in a new light. (1)
Support you heart health (1)
Supporting healthcare professionals for over 150 years (1)
Surcare. (1)
Suspect. Connect. Test. (1)
Sustainable remission (1)
Sweet kills (3)
Sympathetic treatment for overactive bladder (1)
Take Action (3)
Take action (1)
Take back your freedom (1)
Take comfort in our science (1)
Take life in (3)
Take life in. (1)
Take the pain away (1)
Take the pain out of treating pain (1)
Take the scare out of pollen. (3)
Takes out acne puts in moisture. (1)
Taking care of you is what we do (1)
Taking new aim at skin cancer and keloids (3)
Talks you through (1)
Target SREs. Proven efficacy. (2)
Targeted science (1)
Tastes like better (1)
Teamwork in health (1)
Tena lets you be you. (7)
Tena soyez vous-même. (1)
Tested. Tried. True. (1)
Testé antistress pour les femmes (1)
Thanks and Giving (4)
That's a first (1)
That's how you spell relief (1)
That's something even cats find amazing (1)
That’s the Sastravi difference (1)
The #1 brand trusted by couples (2)
The 6-in-1 fully liquid vaccine (1)
The App built for physicians (1)
The Eye M.D. Association (1)
The Medical Social Network. (1)
The Onreltea Effect (1)
The Original Lactulose (2)
The Real Cost (3)
The Science of Sure (1)
The TrialCard difference (3)
The active way to better skin (1)
The antidote for average. (1)
The antioxidant superpower (1)
The art of diagnostics (2)
The beautiful difference (5)
The beauty of science is to make things simple (1)
The best a man can get (2)
The best is within (1)
The best people better placed for the best positions. (1)
The brains behind saving yours (1)
The brains behind saving yours. (5)
The brand eye care professionals have made number one (1)
The campaign to conquer cancer (1)
The cataract refractive suite by Alcon (1)
The choice is clear (2)
The choice is clear... (1)
The clean you need at a fraction of the cost (1)
The closest you can get to natural moisture (1)
The complete diagnostic solution (1)
The daily lens for demanding days. (1)
The diamond standard (12)
The difference is so good. (2)
The difference is the delivery (1)
The door with more (1)
The ease of knowing sooner (1)
The easy and more effective way to floss (3)
The electrosurgical authority (1)
The fall of high cholesterol (1)
The first and only OTC INS (1)
The fresh new face of fearless protection (1)
The freshest fresh guaranteed (1)
The freshest fresh guaranteed. (1)
The game changer (1)
The gentle power of Cetaphil (2)
The good life (1)
The healing power of Vaseline (10)
The hearing implant (1)
The intelligent sportswear (1)
The joy of movement (3)
The lens that changes everything (2)
The link in treating iron deficiency (1)
The living shield (1)
The low carb experts (1)
The milk that doesn't mess with you (2)
The miracle of science with soul (1)
The most trusted solution to naturally balance hormones to a more youthful state (1)
The nasal allergy spray that 'sticks and stays' (1)
The national cervical screening programme (1)
The natural advantage (1)
The natural choice (2)
The natural evolution in oral care (1)
The nature of you (3)
The once-daily copd triple therapy (1)
The one and only (1)
The one you know (1)
The one you've been waiting for (6)
The only EMR that lets you define urgent care (1)
The only FDA approved drug for infantile hemangioma (1)
The only inhaled insulin (3)
The only pure hyaluronic acid (1)
The only true non-sedating antihistamine from Cipla (1)
The optimal source (4)
The patient engagement agency (1)
The perfectly powerful peanut (4)
The pet insurance specialists (3)
The pharmacy America trusts - since 1901 (1)
The pleasure of breathing (1)
The power is in your hands (1)
The power of 6 (1)
The power of choice (1)
The power of healthy skin (1)
The power of knowledge (1)
The power of pistachios (1)
The power of the gut (1)
The power of visibly healthy skin (1)
The power to feel better (1)
The power to fight cancer may already be in you. (1)
The power to predict (2)
The professional choice for keeping your brain beautiful (1)
The proof is that it heals is you. (1)
The proven power of nature (1)
The pursuit of perfect health (2)
The real cost (1)
The right balance for barrier protection and skin healing ingredients (1)
The right fit for you (1)
The science of happy (1)
The science of healthy skin (1)
The science of light reimagined (1)
The science of sure (3)
The search starts with you (1)
The secret is Chruterchraft (1)
The secret is Chrüterchraft (3)
The simple joy of comfort (1)
The skincare expert for babies and mothers-to-be for over 60 years (1)
The smart choice. For everything that matters (1)
The source of liquid solutions. (1)
The standard of excellence in vein care (1)
The strength you want (1)
The sunshine vitmain in just one drop (1)
The superior practice (1)
The superior practice. (1)
The sweeter the better. (2)
The systematic approach to allergy relief (2)
The systematic approach to eye lubrication (1)
The systemic standard-of-care for dry eye disease (1)
The touch of a new class (1)
The trusted mark of excellence in clinical research (1)
The ultimate mouth protection (2)
The ultimate omega-3 (1)
The veterinary partnership (1)
The vets own brand (1)
The wart stops here (1)
The whole body health co. (1)
The wonder drug (2)
The workout water (1)
The world is filled with air (2)
The world's local central lab. Global reach. Local expertise. (1)
The xylitol experts (1)
Therapeutically specialized clinical development (1)
Therapies. Hand in hand. (1)
There are easier ways to help with the itch (1)
There's a lot of ecstacy in this (1)
There's no stopping you. (1)
There's no such thing as a little flu (2)
There's only one Botox cosmetic (2)
There's so much to gain with Special K (2)
There’s strength inside. (1)
These are your moments (1)
Think affordable. Think 1-week. Think Icuity H2O. (1)
Think ahead (1)
Think sugar say Splenda (1)
This changes everything (1)
This is also part of being a medical specialist (1)
This is also part of being a medical specialist. (1)
This is the age of taking action (1)
This is worth talking about (1)
This is worth talking about. (1)
Tick and flea protection like never before (1)
Time for Gaviscon (1)
Time to shine (2)
Time to stop (2)
To be as brave as the people we help. (1)
To your your royal highness (1)
Together (3)
Together all the way (3)
Together at last (1)
Together for better health. (2)
Together in a mist (2)
Together we can hear IPF differently (1)
Together we can see IPF differently (1)
Tomorrow begins today (1)
Tomorrow’s nutrition today (1)
Tonight we sleep (1)
Touch simplicity (1)
Tough but gentle (1)
Tough on pain (1)
Transforming IV iron therapy (1)
Transforming compounding through innovation (2)
Transforming eye health (1)
Transforming medication delivery (2)
Travel the World better (1)
Treat the 2 sources of cholesterol. (1)
Treat what really matters in mCRPC (1)
Treated Fairly (1)
Treated fairly (3)
Treatment is a science. Patient care is your art. (1)
Treatment you can count on (1)
Tresiba-ready (1)
True surgical solutions (1)
True to you (2)
Trust Drontal gain and advantage (1)
Trust can't be copied (3)
Trust our chain reaction (2)
Trusted expertise. Rigorous research. Total dedication. (2)
Truth well told (1)
Turn off the pain (1)
Two problems one solution (1)
Un bon réflexe anti-diarrhée (1)
Un engagement sur la Tolerance (1)
Un engagement sur la fabrication (2)
Un laboratoire nouveau pour une nouvelle santé (1)
Un seul arrêt tout est réglé (1)
Un seul arrêt tout est réglé. (1)
Un seul comprimé et c'est réglé (1)
Un traitement sur lequel vous pouvez compter (1)
Una pastilla cada mañana. 24 horas. Cero acidez. (2)
Uncap flavor (1)
Uncompromised German engineering for top performers (1)
Understand. Manage. Grow. (1)
Une efficacité topique démontrée (2)
Une nouvelle vision de la vie (2)
Une réaction? Passez à l'action. (1)
Une sacrée nature! (1)
Une énergie extraordinaire (1)
Unique in every wave (1)
Universal Eye Health: People matter (1)
Unlock the pain (1)
Unlock your potential at lumosity.com (1)
Unlocking the potential of biology for patients (1)
Unstoppable (2)
Until everyone understands (1)
Untypical atypical (1)
Up (1)
Upgrade your brush (1)
Upholding quality and safety in pet nutrition (1)
Use it or lose it. (1)
Value Driven Medicine (1)
Value builders (1)
Veggies for all! (1)
Vetmedin (3)
Videos for the healthcare sector (1)
Visibly whiter (1)
Vision reborn (1)
Vision. Taken seriously. (1)
Vive al 100% (1)
Vivez sainement. Soyez récompensé. Économisez. (1)
Vivez toutes les possibilités (1)
Vivre en bonne santé mentale (1)
Vivre mieux (2)
Votre allié contre les symptômes du rhume (1)
Votre assurance naturelle (2)
Votre cerveau vous surprendra (1)
Votre futur mérite un expert (1)
Votre insuline basale de confiance (1)
Votre lien vers le savoir (2)
Votre nez est fait pour respirer (1)
Votre partenaire de confiance (6)
Votre santé c'est tout ce qui compte (1)
Votre santé par les plantes (5)
Vous allez vous aimer (2)
Vous avant tout. (1)
Wake up to eggs (4)
Walk to create a world free of MS (1)
Walk. Move. Live. (3)
Want it more (2)
Wash in X out! (1)
Wash in the wow (2)
We > AIDS (1)
We are Macmillan. Cancer support (1)
We are people protection. (1)
We are their voice (1)
We believe what’s inside matters (1)
We can do this. Together. (1)
We care (1)
We change. We define. We inspire. (1)
We deliver best (1)
We do more than just copy (4)
We got U (2)
We impact lives (1)
We know heart health (2)
We know pharmacy (1)
We know your customers by heart (1)
We know your pets inside out (1)
We logistic your growth (1)
We love pets (1)
We make it visible. (2)
We make nutrition taste good. (7)
We promise to transform your skin (1)
We see Australian business (1)
We take a personal approach to laboratory testing (2)
We treat the person not just the cancer (1)
We understand each other (1)
We'll make it happen (1)
We're all more than muscle (1)
We've got you covered (1)
Web presence solutions for healthcare practices (2)
Weight loss designed for women (2)
Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood (2)
What a relief! (1)
What are you breathing (1)
What inside is everything (1)
What science can do (1)
What will nana do next? (1)
What will you gain? (2)
What's inside is everything (1)
Whatever your normal is (1)
When anxiety won’t go away (1)
When efficacy matters to you choose JANUMET (1)
When evidence matters to you choose JANUMET (1)
When it comes to kids we understand. (2)
When pain is gone life takes its place (2)
When you have to be right (1)
Wherever you operate (1)
Whitening. It’s all we do. (1)
Wide open (1)
Win from within (2)
Winning the fight against cancer every day (1)
With us it's personal. (1)
Wonderful inside. (1)
Work in purpose (1)
Working to improve your health (11)
Working together for a healthier world (5)
Working together for better paediatric care (1)
Working together for patients (1)
Working together we're transforming the lives of dogs. (1)
Workout on your terms (1)
Works where it hurts (1)
Wow served daily (1)
Wow! That was Fast! (2)
Write from experience (1)
You are a traveller (1)
You are unique your medicine should be too (1)
You are what you Weetabix (1)
You care (1)
You deserve Natrel (1)
You have a choice in OA pain relief (1)
You matter. We care. (1)
You need… Our innovation (1)
You save. We give. Together we can make a difference. (1)
You stand out. Your period doesn't. (1)
You're beautiful (1)
Your ADHD own it (1)
Your Advantage (2)
Your advantage (2)
Your best beautiful (7)
Your best practice is our promise (2)
Your best practice is our promise. (2)
Your brand. Your choice. (1)
Your cells power your metabolism. Mitoq powers your cells. (1)
Your certified cleaner (1)
Your community health network (1)
Your connection to learning (1)
Your gut-selective biologic (1)
Your health plan for life (1)
Your hearing Our passion (2)
Your hearing professionals (2)
Your ideal skin (1)
Your internet marketing partner (1)
Your intimate health experts (1)
Your intimate health experts. (2)
Your journey. Our mission. (4)
Your life. Your career. Your partnership. (1)
Your natural answer to bladder infections (1)
Your natural business partner (3)
Your partner in epilepsy (1)
Your partner in pet health (1)
Your pet Our Passion. (1)
Your pet our passion. (4)
Your pet. Our passion. (1)
Your pet’s choice (1)
Your practice is our specialty (1)
Your practice made perfect (2)
Your preferred partner (1)
Your progress. Our promise. (1)
Your promise is our promise (1)
Your skill. Our vision. (1)
Your smartest choice (1)
Your system for dry mouth. (1)
Your vending machine for frames with lenses. (1)
Your vision (4)
Your vision Our future (1)
Your vision our future (6)
You’re going to want to see this. (1)
You’re richer than you think. (2)
Zap today. Gone tomorrow. (1)
Zicam shortens colds (2)
_4th_World_Parkinson_Congress_brand (1)
_CHE_ (1)
_CME_ (1)
_Vetmedin_brand (3)
adpharm (11)
agir différemment. (2)
all the way (2)
an Unjection (1)
beautiful smiles for life. (1)
because doctors are different (1)
beyond experience (1)
break the grip of pain (1)
breathe (1)
breathe... (1)
bring back the man (1)
changing diabetes (1)
class 1 strength (1)
colors or flavors. Get to (1)
differentiating differently (1)
discover harmony (1)
do something amazing (1)
easier retailing (1)
effective when it matters most (1)
efficacité preuves expérience (1)
electronic. efficient. easy. (1)
experience beyond measure (1)
fraîche - protégée Always (1)
free wheelin' (1)
free your pores! (1)
free your skin (1)
go with confidence (1)
healthcare within reach (1)
healthy teeth. (1)
innovation and choice (1)
insight experience flexibility partnership integrity (1)
invigorating clean (1)
juices for babies-juices only! (1)
know better sleep (2)
life changer (1)
live better (1)
longer lives (2)
make it happen (2)
most effective omega oils (1)
naturalmente bella (1)
never compromise your vision (1)
not on patients (1)
not paperwork (1)
our future (4)
positive results for life (2)
power to help your asthma patients (1)
redefining antiplatelet performance (1)
rewrite the rules (1)
save plan share connect (2)
science solutions service (1)
script exchange (1)
see the real me (1)
sensitive care (1)
sensitive skin experts (1)
sleeplessness or muscle tension. So (1)
smarter (1)
stay active with BOOST. (1)
stay active with Boost. (1)
stay cool (1)
take back your freedom (1)
the GP's choice (1)
the affordable endurance ACE-inhibitor (1)
the brains behind saving yours (1)
the choice of family practitioners (1)
the future of sleep is here (1)
the nasal allergy spray that 'sticks and stays' (1)
the original methylcellulose "peristaltic" (1)
the perfect touch (1)
think - feel - act (3)
thinkThin. thinkPositive. (1)
time for Gaviscon (1)
trust can't be copied (1)
up (2)
versatile by design (1)
vivre mieux (1)
vous effacez l'essentiel. (1)
we can take away the itch (1)
what cats want (1)
when it matters most (1)
with Claritin-D (1)
with you every day (2)
your link to healthy skin (1)
À vos côtés pour avancer (1)
À vouloir tout réécrire (1)
À vouloir tout réécrire vous effacez l'essentiel. (1)
Ábrete a la vida con una sonrisa más blanca (3)
Ábrete a la vide (1)
Ça commence maintenant (3)
Ça goûte mauvais et ça marche. (1)
Ça marche (1)
Éprouvé depuis plus de 25 ans (1)
…it’s all about trust (1)

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