AdPharm is an online visual database of healthcare and pharmaceutical communications.

If you are working for an advertising agency, a pharmaceutical company or any other healthcare-related organization and you are having a hard time finding pharmaceutical advertisement examples for specific brands, categories, therapeutic areas, etc, you are at the right place.

Ads showcased in AdPharm have information about*:

  • the region where it was published or aired;
  • the publication or station name and insertion date;
  • its therapeutic area;
  • whether it's direct-to-consumer ads (DTC) or aimed at Heathcare Professionals (HCP);
  • if it's an ad for a branded therapy, unbranded or a generic drug;
  • from which Pharmaceutical company;
  • what are the brand's colors;
  • etc.

Although we include the insertion information (date and publication/tv channel or website details) it is important to know that we don't record every insertion every ad. We record the first one found. So you will see a new ad almost immediately when it is first published but you won't find its media budget or number of insertions.

This information, is combined with keywords for each image which makes it easy to find what you are looking for just by conducting a search. Check out some of our free sample ads here.

AdPharm is not a service with a critical purpose. We are not here to critique the pharmaceutical industry or the companies that evolve in it; in fact we are here to showcase great creative that is produced in such difficult context. Our ultimate goal is to assemble the largest amount of pharmaceutical communications and make it easy to find from anywhere where there's an Internet connection.

If you have any ads, print or multi-media you would like to add to AdPharm, please click here.

You can also visit our Forum section which we update regularly as questions arise. To contact AdPharm, e-mail us at: contact@adpharm.net

*Not all the materials presented in the gallery have the same amount of information added to them.

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