How does use cookies?

Adpharm uses a few cookies for various purposes, such as:

  • Providing you with a personalized experience
  • Remembering if you visited Adpharm before so that messages for new visitors are not displayed to you
  • Keeping your user profile in memory when logged-in
  • Keeping you logged-in when you have a subscription
  • Remembering settings you applied when on the website
  • Collecting information about what content is visited most often
  • Managing errors to ensure the website is working properly
  • Testing designs to help improve the look and feel of the website

Although we are all about advertising, we ironically do not use advertising to monetize the site since we charge a subscription fee. Therefore we do not gather your surfing habits or any other personal information; either for ourselves or any third-party.

What cookies does Adpharm use?

The following is a list of the non-optional cookies that we use.

Cookie Name
Cookie Purpose
Cookie Names and Use
This cookie is usually the first one loaded and is used to help navigate the site.
Alpha-numeric sequence that looks like:
This cookie is used to identify who the visitor is and what is their status (a guest, a logged-in user, an administrator, etc). It's also used to load and keep a user's profile information active during the visit.

Revised May 30, 2022.
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