Payment Terms


  1. Please note that is operated by Outbreak Communications Inc. Therefore, that may be the name that will appear on your invoice or receipt.
  2. GENERAL TERMS. If you are purchasing a subscription, you will be invoiced by us and you shall pay your subscription using the payment method you have selected and indicated to us. All currency references are in Canadian dollars (CAD).
  3. TAXES. The following Canadian provinces have to pay taxes on Adpharm subscriptions: British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. Quebec Provincial Sales Tax Number (PST): 1215586037. Canadian Sales Tax (GST): 85466 6260 RT0001.
  4. PAYMENT FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTION or RENEWALS. Payment occurs on a pre-pay basis. Yearly and Monthly and multi-user subscribers may be contacted via email in order to renew their subscription prior to the end of their paid term. If users do not elect to renew their subscription, their account will be deactivated shortly after the expiration of their paid subscription period. Users who renew their subscription after expiry, may have short delay before their account's full access is reactivated as reactivations are done manually during office hours. We do not allow subscriptions management services or any third-party services to purchase or manage subscriptions for users.
  5. USERS WITH SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT AUTO-RENEW. Users can cancel their subscription at anytime, either directly with the payment gateway or by emailing our subscription department at The user access to will remain active until the subscription lapses at the end of the payment term. User acceses are deactivated shortly after the expiration of their paid subscription period.
  6. WAYS TO PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION. Only payments by credit card are accepted. We use the Square payment gateway.
  7. DURATION OF THE SUBSCRIPTIONS. A yearly subscription expires 365+1 days after the subscription has been activated. A monthly subscription expires 31+1 days after the subscription has been activated. A weekly access expires 7 days after the subscription has been activated.
  8. Outbreak Communications Inc. reserves the right to change pricing for subscription at any time. Therefore, when your subscription expires, should you wish to renew, the renewal price may differ from the price paid for the previous term.
  9. CANCELLATION OF THE SUBSCRIPTION. Please note, payments for subscriptions are non-refundable.
  10. TERMINATION. If your payment is invalid for any reason, your subscription will be cancelled immediately.
  11. CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS. If a chargeback is initiated, the user access associated with that payment will be suspended during this process. If the chargeback is cancelled or dismissed, we will reinstate the user access and will extend the subscription by the number of days the account was suspended. If the chargeback is upheld, we will delete the user access associated with it.
  12. MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS WITH A SINGLE USER NAME. Users with a subscription/registration have access to the full content of the site for the duration of their subscription. It is permitted for people within a same company organization, with a yearly subscription to share their access. Up to three simultaneous logins are permitted at the same time. Multiple connections using a single user name from people not from the same company / organization is not allowed and may result in a ban for an undetermined period of time. Companies / organizations with multiple registered users may have multiple log-ins at once with one or multiple user name(s) and password(s) as long as the person logged-in is in fact an employee of the same company or organization. If a user name is shared outside of the user's company or is found on a password sharing website, the user's access and subscription will immediately be cancelled without reimbursement.
  13. SUBSCRIPTION CONVERSIONS. When offered or available, users can convert a weekly access or monthly subscription into a yearly subscription. Users pay the difference between their current subscription plan and the yearly plan based on the subscription prices on the day of the conversion. The converted yearly subscription starts the day the initial 2-day or monthly subscription is purchased.

Revised June 2022.
To view the previous version of our user agreement, please click here.

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