On this page you can find some of the major themes catalogued in the ad gallery. Above are the main categories. Click on one to see the keywords associated with them.


Therapeutic category

Skin Care and Hygiene Products
Ads for antiperspirants/deodorants.
Ads for sunscreens/sunblocks.
Shaving & Hair Removal
Ads for razors and other products for shaving, grooming and hair removal.
Wrinkles and skin tightening
Ads for Anti-wrinkle, skin tightening and photoaging.
Soap and lotion
Ads for soaps and lotions.
Ads for products for dandruff.
Scarring and Stretch Marks
Ads for products for scarring and stretch marks.
Itchy & dry skin
Ads for products for itchy & dry skin.
Skin care in general
Ads for skin care in general.




Vintage ads
Vintage ads from Canada
US and UK
Vintage ads from the US and United Kingdom
Vintage ads from Japan
Vintage ads from Spain

Design and Art Direction
Type treatment
Ads featuring some form of typographic treatment
Ads using photography as a main visual.
For black and white photography specifically, click here and color photography, click here.

Ads using illustration as a main visual
Medical illustration
Ads featuring one or more medical illustrations
Bad Cliparts
Ads featuring cheap or bad clip arts
Looking at the camera
Ads in which people are looking straight at the camera to make contact with the reader
Charts in ads
Ads featuring charts or graphs
Full infographics or ads featuring infographic elements
Ads featuring some form of screencasting
Formulary listing mentions
Ads featuring a flash, banner, eyebrow mentioning listing on formulary or other
No creative!
Ads featuring no creative copy or visible concept, only simple product or service information.
QR Tags
Ads featuring an MS tag symbol for linking to a site using a smart phone.
Long balancing/legal copy
Ads with long balancing (fair-balance) copy.
Medium balancing/legal copy
Ads with medium-length balancing (fair-balance) copy.
Short balancing/legal copy
Ads with minimal balancing (fair-balance) copy.
Ads with a clean and simple layout
Ads with a relatively clean, organized and easy to read layout with some breathing room.
Ads which affect the content around of it
Ads that look like they are affecting the content around the ad itself.

Concept or Themes
Name Change
Ads for a brand or company name change.
Positive Messaging
Messages taking a positive, solution-oriented approach.
Negative Messaging
Messages taking a negative, problem-oriented approach.
Ads featuring a spokesperson
celebrity endorsement
ads with celebrity endorsement
ads from organizations seeking funding
Oddities and curiosities
ads for products or services that are odd, weird, could be misinterpreted that may or may not be health-related.
Death or the after-life
ads for products or services that are related to death or the after-life.
Made in...
ads mentioning or showing where a product is made.
Ads that make you say hum...
ads of questionable taste.

Look alike alerts
Ads that look like other ads
Ads that either have a very similar concept or layout. Tip: From the list found here, click on one of the ads and find the "look Alike Alert" icon in the ad description. Then click on it to see all ads with similarities to that specific ad. You will need to be logged-in.
People fencing
Ads that feature fencing to fight disease.
People Forming Letters or Shapes
Ads that feature people grouped in a way that they create a shape or letters.
Running through obstacles
Ads showing people or patients running through obstacles as a metaphor of symptoms.
Path to recovery...
Ads showing people or patients walking on a metaphorical path to recovery.
Stomach in a knot
Ads showing knots over or as a patient's stomach.
Taming the dragon
Ads featuring dragons as a symptom being tamed.
Wifi in healthcare
Ads using the international symbol for wifi as part of their concept.
Wolf Among Sheep
Ads showing wolves blending in with sheep.
Swiss Knife
Ads using the Swiss Knife analogy to portray a medication or service as an all-around solution.
Walking on a tightrope
Ads with patients and healthcare professionals walking on a tightrope.
Before and after split-screen
Ads with patients or healthcare professionals in a before and after situation.
Ads with patients or healthcare professionals dressed as superheroes.
Ads using an hourglass in their message.
Eyeball character
Ads featuring eyeballs as characters.
Ads showing a perfect balance with people performing acroyoga.
Fire Extinguiser
Ads using a fire extinguisher as a metaphor for a product's benefit.
Trojan Horse
Ads using the Trojan Horse allegory.
Dart on a Target
Target and dart in various ads.
Ads showing a parachute as a means to be lowered safely to a target.

Promotional or Monetary incentives
Ads mentioning co-pays
Reimbursement assistance
Ads proposing reimbursement assistance
Ads including a coupon or linking somehow to a coupon with special offer
Rebate card
Ads offering rebate cards
Rebate Offer
Ads with rebate offers
Trial Offer
Ads offering a trial for a service or product
Ads with vouchers
Starter Kit
Ads promoting starter kits
Healthcare Support Programs
Healthcare support programs to help care better for patients. For physicians, pharmacists and nurses.
Patient support programs
Patient support programs
Loss of Exclusivity
Ads with a "Loss of exclusivity" (LOE) theme
No substitute
Ads with a "No substitute" mention on them.

Product packaging
Sample packs
Agricultural products
Ads about agricultural chemical products
Humor about the pharmaceutical industry
Pharma fiction
Fiction with the pharmaceutical industry as a central theme
Sales promotion
Pharmaceutical industry promotional items
Pharmaceutical parodies
Laughing at the industry
Animal Health
Medical treatments for animals
Ads with URLs
Ads mentioning brand URLs
Ads which are strategies against generic drugs
Ads offering better prices on branded drugs or showing advantages of branded vs generic drugs
Ads with social media links
Ads which include social medial icons or links
Class action suits
Ads from law firms for class action lawsuits agains pharmaceutical products
Retail Pharmacy Chains
Ads from pharmacy chains
Medication or medical Errors
Ads for products or services for preventing medication or medical errors
Phonetic respelling
Ads with phonetic respelling of brand name
Virtual Medical Consultations
Ads about telehealth and virtual health care

Unclassified ads

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