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Binge eating disorder is a cycle of...
Binge. Distress. Repeat.

The most common eating disorder in US adults isn’t just about eating

The exact cause of binge eating disorder (B.E.D.) is unknown. Research suggests that, among the potential causes, B.E.D. may have a neurobiological basis.

What is B.E.D.?

B.E.D. is defined as recurring episodes1 in which a large amount of food is consumed in a relatively short time. Patients feel a lack of control during a binge and marked distress over their eating. They typically experience shame and guilt, among other feelings, about their bingeing and may conceal their symptoms, even from you.

To download the patient screener, learn more, and view the full DS/VI-5 diagnostic criteria, visit BingeEatingDisorder.com/hcp.


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Indication(s)/Disease: Eating disorder
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Tagline: Binge. Distress. Repeat.
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American Family Physician - April 1, 2016

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