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Are your patients picking up hitchhikers?

Help protect their families with an integrated flea and tick control program.

No single flea and tick product provides 100% protection against infestations. Even with monthly oral or topical treatments, pets may still bring unwelcome visitors inside.

Help prevent these invaders from becoming infestations. Vet-Kern products offer powerful, professional indoor and outdoor treatments that:

• Kill adult fleas and ticks
• Break the flea life cycle

Our bundle program can help veterinary practices sell premise products with bottom line benefits. With a minimum purchase of just one bundle, veterinarians will receive a free patient promotional kit, including point-of-purchase signage, premium bags and customer rebate forms.

No single flea and tick product provides 100% protection against infestations.

Talk to your clinics about how powerful, professional premise product bundles from Vet-Kern can CLOSE THE GAP.

Visit VPL.com/premise or call 888-241-9545 to learn more.


Flea and tick premise control solutions


Brand: Vet-Kem
Country/Market: USA, North America
Target: Veterinarians
Tagline: Close the gap
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Veterinary Advantage - Companion - April 2015

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