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Search tips: searching for a specific brand

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to search for a specific brand and get results littered with ads from other brands. When looking for a specific brand, there’s an easy trick to see only ads for that brand: try adding "_brand" to the name (i.e. "Advil_brand") and you will get accurate results.

One of the reasons why ads for other brands may find their way in your search results is that the brand you are searching for is mentioned in the copy. There’s also the case where brands use multiple words which can bring all sorts of unintended results. For brand names composed of multiple words, try replacing the spaces between words with an underscore ( _ ) (i.e. Blue_Wilderness_brand)

Another way to easily find specific brands is to look for them on our brand page.

If you find ads that are incorrectly labelled, please do not hesitate to let us know via email at admin@adpharm.net