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News from the Gallery / June 26, 2020

A man's cough makes him miss his daughter's figure skating prowess in this Spanish Bisolvon commercial.

Cablivi HCP print ad from Sweden, indicated for the treatment of Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (aTTP).

Also included today were many new ads from UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland and Italy.

Brands included: Voltaren, Anterion, AQPP, Aquilea, Artelac, Bio-K Plus, Cheerios, Cablivi, Crowdstrike, Cosopt, Cygnus Technologies, Eppendorf, Gaes, Fucithalmic, Ganfort, Genoa Underwriting Managers, Helsana, Isdin, Greenies, Nivea, Kelopt, Nucala, Novartis, Placelta, Poise, OS4, Premarin, Purolite Life Sciences, Remicade, Rosiver, Saflutan, Sensodyne, Sanofi Genzyme, Spersadex, Thera Tears, Thermo Scientific, Vigamox, VisuXL, WuXi Biologics Global, Air Optix, Aklief, Aspi Gola, Bisolvon,, Bosulif, Mylotarg, Optive and Seresto.

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