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News from the Gallery / May 12, 2020

Pfizer Original's program ads promoting the use of branded drugs instead of their generic versions in Canada.

Added yesterday, Vraylar's dramatic new TV commercial in the US, indicated for the treatment of bipolar depression.

Also included today were many new ads from Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, UK and USA.

Brands included: Abbvie, Actelion, ALK, Almased, Amgen, Annovera, Annual European Congress of Rheumatology, Anz, Aspira Labs, ASPIRA Study, AstraZeneca, Autism Speaks, Axa Insurance, Benlysta, Bijuva, Bimuno, Biore, Blue, BMS, BNP Paribas, CAMH, Carprovet, Celgene, Chewy, Churu, Commonwealth Bank, COOP UK, Corsodyl, CVS Pharmacy, Dialogue, Doan's, Doctors Health Fund, EULAR, EULAR 2013 Satellite Symposium, Everscroll, Evofem Biosciences, Excede, Fasenra, Fast Signs, Fixodent, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Global perspectives in RA, Government of Australia, Government of Ireland, Halifax, Heart Foundation Australia, Hiprex, Humira, Invokana, Izalgi, Jak Pathways, JorVet, Key Pain Drivers, Lilly, Lipitor, Lloyds Bank, MabThera, Max 40, Mogo, Muller Light Greek Style, My life, Natural Calm, NHS, No7 Laboratories, Nodify lung, Non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis, Nucala, Nurofen, Ofev, Ontario, Opsumit, Otezla, Pacific Blue Cross, Palmer Foundation, Pfizer, Postmedia Supports, Prevagen, Purple Leash Project, Quartermaster, Real-World Practice Gaps in RA, Rhinomaxil, Roche, Salonpas, Sanofi Genzyme Regeneron, Simparica, Smileactives, Solosec, Stelara, Sublocade, Symbicort, The Farmers Dog, Tremfya, Trintellix, UHN, Unilever, Unraveling chronic pain, Uptravi, US Army, Venus, Xarelto and Xeljanz.

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