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News from the Gallery / May 5, 2020

Rory is a new home delivery service that can supply clients with Latisse via online consultation.

From Germany is this Talcid television commercial from Bayer for Heartburn.

Also included today were many new ads from Canada, France, Germany, UK and USA.

Brands included: Abbott, Actelion, Aklief, Aquaphor, Aspirin, Bio-K Plus, Bryhali, Champix,, Dialogue, Doc Green, Dr Bill, eCortex, Enstilar, Fit for Work, Gardasil, Gilenya, Let's Breathe Together, Link Ubrelvy, Nucala, Pet Protect, Pfizer, Premarin, RoActemra, Rosiver, Sensodyne, Simponi, Teva, Ubrelvy and Wyeth.

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Look Alike Ads: Split Before and After Category: Vintage from the US and UK
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