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News from the Gallery / May 1st, 2020

Yesterday a new TV commercial for Ubrelvy (Allergan) was added to the gallery. The ad features some interesting slow-motion combined with typography tracking, making it look similar to a Parallax effect.

Also included yesterday were many new ads from USA, UK, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Brands included: 1800-Contacts, Apple, Aquacel, Australian Gold, Aveeno, BASF, Bavarian Nordic, Betaspan, Caldolor, Cannabis Lube, Caver, Channel, Chewy, Chili Burn, Chroniquin, Claro, Corsodyl, Cosentyx, Culturelle, Cytoplan, Easotic, Entereg, Epicur Pharma, Epiotic Advanced, Facebook, Frito lay, Garmin, Garnier, Getinge Group, Greenies, Hologic, Infulgan, Iron Intern, Liberty, Longocain, MAG365 Magnesium, McDowells, Metamucil, Nalbufin, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practioners, NBC, Neoadjuvant, Nivea, NutriVero, Nuvasive, Olympus, OMA, Oral Health Foundation, Peri-strips, Radiance, Sanofi, Satisfyer, Secret, Shiseido, Skyr, Stalif, Stryker, Supernus, Ubrelvy, Ultucup, US Army, Venaforce, Weave, World Hepatitis Alliance, Yuri-Farm and Zolera FX.

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