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"I've been looking for hormone-free birth control options for years, but I just haven't found many choices."

pHinally, there's phexxi

(lactic acid, citric acid, and potassium bitartrate)
Vaginal Gel
1.8%, 1%,0.4%

A non-hormonal prescription contraceptive vaginal gel that's used in the moment

For the women in your practice who...

• Prefer non-hormonal contraception because of unwanted side effects experienced with hormones

• Currently use condoms or withdrawal method

• Want an easily reversible method Are likely to research contraceptive options and prefer methods that fit their healthy lifestyles

How to prescribe Phexxi

PHEXXI VAGINAL GEL (5 g per applicator)

Sig: Administer 1 applicator intravaginally immediately before or up to1 hour before EACH act of vaginal intercourse as needed.

Dispense: #12 applicators
NDC: 69751-100-12
Refill: 11

Discover all Phexxi has to offer in an immersive experience

Country/Market: USA
Target: Healthcare category (HCP)
Size/duration: Double-page spread
Contemporary Ob / Gyn - Vol 66 - No 02 - February 2021
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