Canada: Claritin – “We’re not gonna take it” commercial

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This commercial opens on a shot of a woman with a dusting feather who looks extremely affected by the dust. She sneezes, which provokes the dusting feather in releasing a cloud of dust in the air.

Cut to a group of people walking in a field that were seemingly doing outdoor chores. They look confident, allergy-free as they walk in the direction of the camera. The Claritin proverbial cloud film peels off from the screen.

All of this happens while the Twisted Sister song “We’re not gonna take it” who sounds like a rallying cry plays as a musical bed.

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Brand name: Claritin
Generic name/category: Loratadine
Company: Schering-Plough
Country/Market: Canada, North America
Indication(s)/use: Allergies
Target: Consumers (DTC)
Tagline: Live Claritin clear, today.
Medium: TV commercial
Size/duration: 15 seconds
Publication/Aired: August 2011

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